Company Profile

Shenzhen Prometheus Vision Technology Co., Ltd. was established on May 26, 2018. It is a technology-based innovative enterprise focusing on volumetric video shooting technology. We are a professional volumetric photography service provider. Committed to providing customers with low-cost, lightweight, real-time volumetric photography solutions. Help customers produce 3D multimedia content conveniently and efficiently.

The company's main technology is based on holographic dynamic 3D imaging technology, which is the content carrier of next-generation volumetric video. The company's R & D technology adheres to the self-research of the underlying algorithm, integrates the latest research results of the academic world, and innovates in mathematical methods. The R & D personnel are a startup team of talents from various universities such as Tsinghua University's computer vision doctor, so they are in the industry in terms of reconstruction quality and efficiency The first echelon.


We are committed to promoting the development of 3D shooting technology, using technical capabilities to help our customers easily produce 3D video content.

Promote digital content from two-dimensional to three-dimensional, inject real-world images into the virtual world, and make virtual and reality more perfect fusion

Vision and goals

Taking the next-generation shooting technology as its core competitiveness, it will become the "cornerstone" capability provider in the future virtual reality field.

Shareholders and investors


Investor, Rui Ding Capital is a professional fund management company founded by domestic senior investment field veterans, excellent listed companies and private entrepreneurs, focusing on private equity investment. (Seed period)


Investor, Tongchuang Weiye Company is the first batch of professional private equity investment companies in China. With 18 years of investment management experience, it successfully promoted the listing of 62 companies.


Investor, Tianan Financial Holdings is the main body of the extended financial business of Tianan Digital City (Group) Co., Ltd., committed to building a comprehensive financial service platform for China's emerging industries and a global resource integration platform。

Development path


December: we won the Golden V Award for Best Innovative Enterprise ,Top 100 Sprouts.

October: we won the second prize of the Jingdong competition

July: Obtained angel round of secondary financing

April: Obtained angel round financing


End of September: runner-up in the Shenzhen Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition

Mid-September: Third Prize of Dream Cup Competition

Early September: Second place in the Shenzhen Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition

August: Completed the single device dynamic 3D reconstruction

June: Completed seed round investment for institutional investors

5.26: Company establishment